Companies that outsource Identity Management processes are able to reengineer these processes and capture new efficiencies while improving security.

E-TRUST’s highly skilled experts are brought in to your company to design and manage all Identity Management processes, bringing with them best practices, innovation and years of experience that most companies don’t have access to or can’t afford on their own.

Key Benefits

To Outsource Your Identity and Governance Management to E-TRUST

  • Process maturity is instantly brought to CMM level 4 and highest level of Identity Management can be achieved in just a few months
  • Compliance is guaranteed by a set of metrics and SLAs
  • A shared pool of identity management specialists will be available anytime and to handle daily IAM operations
  • Local and remote teams available
  • Remote operations performed from our 24x7x365 ISO 27001 certified Security Operations Center
  • No need to recruit, train and retain highly specialized personnel
  • Costs are reduced by means of very efficient and tested processes

Your team can focus on business goals instead of focusing on security operations.

Service Details

We implement and manage processes and tools to automate everyday, job-related events such as hires, transfers, moves or changes in duties. Keeping up with these changes can be a struggle, especially as the number of users and/or events continues to grow.
Our IAM BPO services revolve around our HORACIUS Identity Access Management solution, which simplifies the process of managing the full identity lifecycle while enhancing security, reducing overhead and providing more agility to business.

Outsource Your Identity and Governance Management Now

Improve your efficiencies and improve your security when you add E-TRUST’s highly skilled security members to your team today.

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