HORACIUS’s Lifecycle Event Management capability supports a wide range of events such as new hires, transfers, moves or terminations, etc. through integration with authoritative sources, such as HR systems and corporate directories.

Every day, job-related events such as hires, transfers, moves or changes in duties take place that dictate changes in access privileges. Keeping up with these changes can be a struggle, especially as the number of users and/or events continues to grow.

HORACIUS simplifies the process of managing workforce churn and the resulting impact on identities and access privileges.

Key Benefits

  • Governance Platform
    Centralizes identity data, roles, business policy and risk modeling to support compliance initiatives and user lifecycle management.
  • Compliance Manager
    Streamlines compliance controls and improves audit performance through automated access certifications and policy enforcement;
  • Lifecycle Manager
    Provides self-service access request and lifecycle event management to simplify the process of creating, changing and revoking user access privileges;
  • User Provisioning
    Supports flexible options for implementing changes requested by the business during compliance and lifecycle management processes
  • Configurable Workflows
    The system comes with workflows based on best practices and allows you to change them and define multiple approval levels, managerial approval, data owner approval, project manager approval;
  • Report Manager
    Integrated report manager with access to IAM database, report distribution based on confidentiality levels and filter and graphic capabilities;
  • Web-based User Interface
    No client installation is required, HORACIUS is compatible with all modern browsers;
  • Multilingual Interface
    HORACIUS allows different users to use different languages on the same installation;
  • Strong Security
    HORACIUS is deployed as a separate physical or virtual machine and uses encryption techniques, application and database access controls and segregation of roles to achieve strong security;
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With HORACIUS Identity Access Management with Governance, you’ll have the same security protection as leading Fortune 500 companies, at the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.